KSh 4,300
  • Very suitable for bench press and other lying and standing weight exercises
  • Screw closers and anti-slip grip for ease of use
  • Perfect for strengthening the muscles in your upper body
KSh 2,500
  • Resistance Bands Set of 11
  • Tube Resistance Bands
  • Suitable For Any Fitness Level
  • Multi-functional & Portable
  • Exercise all body
  • Personal Home Gym
  • Burn Fat & Build Muscles
KSh 80,000
    • Mainframe adopts 58*101*3.0mm semi-elliptic pipe, Q235 qualified.
    • Two layers, 10 pairs of dumbbells.
KSh 1,500
  • 100% Natural Latex
  • Heavy Duty Power Loop Band Style
  • Improves Muscular Strength and Posture
  • Assist in Injury Prevention Rehabilitation
  • Set of 5
KSh 1,200
  • AB Wheel is a simple device, easy to set up, and very efficient.
  • It engages core abdominal muscles to give you the perfect tummy shape.
  • It exercises the arms, shoulders and thigh.
  • Produces tremendous results if used regularly.
  • Portable.
KSh 2,300
  • Adjustable lenght and height
  • Maximum user weight 120kg
  • maximum lenght 100cm
  • Easy to install no screws needed
KSh 9,500
  • Premium Quality Material
  • 40 ft long
  • 3.8cm diameter
  • They blast fat. …
  • They sculpt muscles. …
  • They increase mobility. …
  • Likelihood of injuries is low. …
  • They’re good fun to use.
KSh 68,000
  • Heavyduty ma user weight 150kgs
  • plate loaded for increased resistance
  • 360 seat rotation
  • stainless steel frame
  • fully padded seats and elbow support
KSh 13,500
  • Large, durable platform
  • Adjusts to 10, 15 or 20cm in height
  • Platform top measures 110cm x 42cm
  • Reinforced for optimum traction
  • Very sturdy
KSh 120,000
  • Heavy duty
  • strong and sturdy
  • Durable
  • Has weight plate racks
KSh 7,000
  • ✅Professional and powerful: The massage gun has high frequency vibration stimulation with 6 adjustable speeds, can reach a strong force to loosen tight muscles, release lactic acid and relieve muscle pain.
  • ✅Quiet massage: Equipped with an improved 24V brushless motor with high torque and optimal efficiency and low noise level, the percussion massager can reach up to 3600 percussions per minute within seconds while only 35 dB-50 dB without disturbing others.
  • ✅Long battery life: The massage gun is built in a 3C certified 2200 mAh battery and lasts up to 4 hours. The massage gun will automatically shut off after 15 minutes use, to extend battery life and keep you safe.
  • ✅Portable design: Weighs only 1kg, so you can easily hold the massage gun with one hand and carry it at home or office, gym.
  • ✅Relax and rejuvenate: You can use 6 interchangeable heads to target muscles such as neck, back, shoulders, legs, foot and so on. The neck shoulder massager relieves and rejuvenates your body after long periods of sitting or strenuous workouts.

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