Azaki Poseidon P8700 Semi Commercial Treadmill 5hp

High-end treadmill Azaki Poseidon P8700
Energy for a new life

+ Possessing new breakthrough innovative features and technologies, Azaki Treadmill helps you to exercise at home with perfect and natural running steps, improve health and develop a comprehensive body.

+ Robust high-strength steel frame system withstands user loads up to 150kg.
+ The new generation Dynamics Power 5.0HP engine is extremely powerful with a speed of up to 20km/h to help you easily conquer different exercises from light to heavy, ensuring high intensity activities for a long time. yet comfortable.
+ The automatic incline mode to an angle from 0-18° gives you a training experience like a mountain climber, helping to burn calories quickly.
+ Super-grade Diamond Pro running mat with 7-layer structure is super durable, anti-slip and easy to clean.
+ Struggling confidently with the ultra-wide 580×1450 mm running mat allows runners to comfortably walk without worrying about slipping out of the running area.
+ The four-way CMETSS T8 flexible spring shock absorber system creates good elasticity and minimizes injuries during exercise.
+ 10.1 inch IPS HD multi-touch screen with built-in various automatic exercises combining the latest training applications such as: Strava / Spax / G-Fit… : training time, speed, distance, calories burned, heart rate. From the above parameters you can adjust the method of exercise, maintain health properly.
+ Multimedia entertainment system with Youtube/ Facebook/ Tiktok applications…. Combined with the Dolby Digital 6.1 surround sound system connecting to music by bluetooth, the training process is really relaxing and comfortable.
Using hydraulic pistons helps to fold the machine when not in use, saving space in the family.
+ Convenient safety lock to limit injury during exercise.

+ Using the Azaki Poseidon P8700 treadmill regularly will help you control your weight to quickly own a perfect body. With only 30 minutes of exercise a day will bring you unexpected benefits that no other product can replace:
* Jogging for 30 minutes helps to burn 730 Kcal.
* Supports better blood circulation.
* Prevent the cause of heart disease.
* Helps you relax, reduce stress.
* Stimulates the digestive system to work better.
* Improves better and deeper sleep.
* Excrete substances harmful to the body.
* Increased longevity.

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Weight 130 kg
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