The machine is fully adjustable both in length and foot plate angle, allowing users to create the perfect hip thrust set-up.

It has an oversized footplate with a fully rubberized, non-slip top layer. It has different angle adjustments to create the perfect range and angle for each exercise and user type. The oversized plate allows for split stance and a wide range of foot placements.

The back pad is made from urethane foam covered by double-stitched, rip resistant pad. The frame glides on sealed double bearings, release the metal pop pin to quickly adjust your set-up length.

It is designed an auto-locking belt so that any user size can quickly lock themselves in the machine. Most Glute Drives have an awkward adjustable belt or bar which takes far too long to set-up, especially if two different body types are training together. The belt is supported by a double stitched, rip-resistant covered foam pad which keeps users comfortable under heavy load with out losing the feel with a soft pad.

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