Feeling a bit lost in the elliptical cross trainer versus stationary bike dilemma? Choosing the machine that’ll keep you in shape, aid in weight loss, and tone those muscles is no cakewalk. Decision-making just became a whole lot simpler when you compare these two fitness machines!

  • Both fitness machines are good for the cardiovascular system

Time to shine the spotlight on the stationary bike and elliptical cross trainer, they’re like the guardians of your cardiovascular system. Their workouts are the definition of impact-free, unlike the pounding of jogging or running. If your joints or knees are giving you attitude, these machines are the chill alternative, cutting down on the stress. From Alpha Fitness, you can get both the stationary bike and elliptical cross trainer.

  • Complete total body workout on the elliptical cross trainer

Don’t expect bodybuilder results from these cardio champs. The elliptical cross trainer is a total body workout, hitting up 80% of your muscles from head to toe. Want to focus on the chest, arms, and shoulder muscles development at your home gym? Get an Elliptical Cross Trainer for Sale grab those handles and get pumping.

  • Develop legs and glutes on the exercise bikes

Now, onto the stationary bike; it’s all about the thighs and calves. Engage those abs, grip those handlebars, and you’re set. For those glutes in the leg muscles, up the resistance, stand up, and pedal out of the saddle. Exercise Bikes Kenya is the best machine when you need to build leg muscles at your home gym.

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